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Yard facilities 

1 pcs. 35 ton Mobil crane.

1 pcs. 75 meter 3,2 - 18 ton tower crane, cover docks, working areas and repair berths.

Mobilization of crane up to 150 ton lifting and unloading at repair berths.

Forklifts up to 6 ton, electrical and diesel driven.

Up to 27 meters cherry pickers and scissors lifts.

Transport wagons.

Bob Cat and sweepers.

Tug boat, mooring boats and working barges.


Stock with general spares and equipment.

1500 m2 inside facility for storage.

Facilities for superintendents

Office and meeting facilities for superintendents, service engineers and Class surveyors.

Toilets, wardrobes and shower facilities.


Floating Dock No. 1

Length: 100 metres - Width: 18.5 metres

Lifting capacity: 2,000 tons - Draught: 6.5 metres


Floating Dock No. 2

Length: 80 metres - Width: 14 metres

Lifting capacity: 1,200 tons - Draught: 6.5 metres

This dock can be roofed completely and the dock heated for special and demanding building and repairs.

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